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The Harlowe Group offers representation for independently owned boutique properties and villas. Our collection is small by design, offering our clients the personal attention they deserve. We know each property we represent intimately, and have fostered such close relationships that each one feels like family. We’re inspired by the passion each of these family owned gems has for their “home” and have become an extension of their team.

Meet the Team

Meet The Team

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After almost 20 years in the industry representing luxury tour operators, Tracey moved from her home in Los Angeles to beautiful Coral Springs, Florida to start her own representation company. From the beginning, her philosophy focused on family-owned properties that were off the radar, keeping the collection small and manageable. A passion for seeking out what Tracey, or T, as many advisors know her, fondly refers to as "those Hidden Gems." A true passion for each property, and bringing those gems to the attention of the right agents, is what defines The Harlowe Group. 


Graphic + Web Designer

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Robin is a graphic+web designer specializing in women and minority-owned small businesses. Her unique background in marketing, advertising, and public relations combined with a Masters in International Business from the Thunderbird School of Global Management give her a unique and well-supported groundwork for her designs. She has been working with T for going on a decade now creating print, digital, and social media content. 

She can be found at 

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