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Here you can find our complete portfolio in a single page, download extended information with stunning images, or get the quick DL on a specific property.

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all the information you need in one place


Suite Basiluzzo (16).jpg
THG Overview - Therasia_Page_2.jpg
THG Overview - Therasia_Page_1.jpg

Property Overviews

Short, sweet, and to the point. These Overviews give you the selling points, amenities, location, F&B, and brief room overviews.  

THarlowe Portfolio

See all of our hidden gems on one page.

THG Portfolio - April 2023.jpg

Extended Brochures

A picture is worth a thousand words. These brochures give you a glimpse into our hidden gems alongside maps, room descriptions, food & beverage information and overviews. 

For unbranded versions of these Extended Brochures, please visit individual property pages

CA Entrance.jpg
Elizabeth Rome Extended Brochure 2023-3.jpg
Elizabeth Rome Extended Brochure 2023-2.jpg
Elizabeth Rome Extended Brochure 2023.jpg
Italy Spread6x9_Page_10.jpg
Italy Spread6x9_Page_11.jpg
Italy Spread6x9_Page_09.jpg

Italy in Pictures

Lush imagery paired with small paragraphs of information. High enough resolution for printing. 

Please email if you would like a print version

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